Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So many goals, so little time!

Since our whole life is about to change in 3-5 weeks, we've been talking a lot about our goals for the coming year. I know that a lot of people are thinking "hello, you're having a baby?!?!". Yes, we are. We also are smart enough to know that we still have to keep doing things for ourselves.

*Get back to running. John and I are both good runners when we put our minds to it. I have to work a lot harder at it to keep up with him, but I can do it! I would love to run a half next October. This progress will be something else to blog about!

*Keep our house clean. We love the idea of a clean house, but not the work that goes into it.

*Eat healthier. With the potential health problems of Levi, we know that we need to start eating healthier now, to help him avoid things later.

*Go hunting. This is John's goal. The deal is that if he, by himself gets an 8-10pt buck in the next year, he can have it mounted, in the house. He may even start on completing this goal on Sunday. Don't worry, I'll update you if he does!

*Travel more. Two reasons, visit family and friends, and for races. The deal is that whomever is running at least a half-marathon gets to pick one out of state race a year to go to (within reason). OKC doesn't count, since I think we'll always go to that one. If John picks one in AZ, then we all go, and I have to watch baby. If I pick one in IL, we all go, John watches baby. Seems fair!

*Focus. We've let our walks with God slip lately. Don't get me wrong, we're still in awe of everything he does, and how he's protected Levi and I. We also realize that we could benefit from spending A LOT more alone time with Him.

*Bake healthier. I love the idea of being a whole foods junkie. Here in a town with no whole foods stores, that can get rough. I know that if we stick with it, it will be better for everybody. The trick is going to be getting it all on a budget!

We had a really good doctor's appointment yesterday. Baby will be here within 3-5 weeks. I can't believe that! I get to start working out again, build up mileage slowly. She thinks that if I start walking now (maybe jog a little), I can be walking with the intent to run right after birth. This is exciting. In two weeks I can start working more hours again too. We did find out that she's not going to let him go past 39 weeks, because his risks of his kidney failing increase. His body will overwork itself, and we could face problems. Go back on Friday for an NST, think positive thoughts!

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