Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hospital Time... Week 2

Levi is back at Children's Mercy. Tuesday, the 20th, we came to KC to pick up Mom from the airport. Levi was supposed to have a routine check-up for his surgery on the 27th. While we were all at lunch, Levi started to get diarrhea. It got really bad, quickly. I called his Pediatrician at home and she told us to go the ER in Kansas City. Once they drew labs in the ER, things went downhill quickly. His labs were all sorts of funky. Nothing looked like what we were used to, even for a "sick" Levi. We were admitted immediately and they started fluids. They diagnosed Levi with a virus that took a nasty turn, very quickly. After a few days of slow feeds through his g-tube and fluids through his IV, we decided that Levi's bowels needed a rest, he was starting to lose the lining of them! On Tuesday, the 27th the doctors decided that surgery would still be too risky and that we instead needed to put in a PICC line. They got that placed and he started to look better right away! Yesterday the team started him on very slow feeds through the g-tube. He seemed to tolerate him pretty well, so today he got to drink some water and get a little more through the g-tube! Tomorrow he should get to eat a little more, with hopes of eating by mouth by Saturday! Once everything is stable (diet, labs and output) they are going to place a port. That will save us a lot in the future! This mama is ready to go get home to everything there, so I would personally appreciate prayers for a speedy recovery so that Levi and I can be reunited with our home, our pets and John quickly!