Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wedding Dresses

Today and yesterday we went shopping for Kels' wedding gown! It's tough. I'm quite thankful that I lived in Houston and could go shopping here. There is just not a lot here, and we have to find the perfect one, so not a clue what we're going to do about it. Oh well. keep hoping and praying...

Monday, October 5, 2009

An Engagment Ring

As I look around at my friends and family that are engaged, married, and whatever's in between we talk about things that we are excited about. We discuss things that people talk to us about, and it seems that everyone always asks the girls the same question, "Can I see the ring?!?!?". As us girls sit around and talk about our proposals and our rings nobody is ever disappointed in their ring. We talk about how neat it is that somebody picked out a ring, and spent the time and money on it just for us. We are amazed that there is a man that loves us so much that he went to these stores, shopped around and for some of them planned for the first time ever, just with the hope that we would say yes, and agree to spend the rest of our lives with them. Then, as our engagments progress, we wear our rings to show everyone that we are committed to someone. We have an outward sign that there is only one man in our life. One man that loves us so much that he is willing to do near anything to keep us safe and keep us his. I've been thinking on this a lot lately. I never cease to be amazed that John loves me that much. As I kept dwelling on this love that he has for me my thoughts shifted to that of God. I got to thinking that I've had somebody that loved me that much my entire life. God has always had those strong feelings of love for us. What if all that excitement that we have for our engagments and weddings was channellled into praising Him? What if instead of asking our girlfriends how their wedding plans were going we asked how their faith was going? If we focused our energy of keeping up with wedding plans into keeping up our faith. Think about how our relationships with our friends would change. Do we have the guts to do that though? Do we have the guts to ask challenge our friends to be accountable for their faith? As we finish our engagment process I pray that we would hold each other accountable for our faith as well as our engagments. Staying accountable to our fiances and to God.