Sunday, June 17, 2012

7 Months....

I guess I'm kind of down to posting (at least) once a month for Levi's updates! Here's his 7 month picture!

We are so blessed to have such a happy son. He is getting bigger everyday, he weighs around 12 lbs now. It seems crazy to know that he's almost tripled his birth weight! We had blood work on Thursday, and everything looks great! Thank you all for all of the thoughts and prayers! We head to Wichita on Wednesday to visit with the nephrologist again. Hopefully she's full of good news!

Today is also John's first Father's Day! Levi and I got him a card, a skillet for the grill, and some grilling tools. He loved them! I am so thankful that we are blessed to have John as the leader of our home.

Speaking of Father's Day, anybody seen the movie "Courageous"? I was very impressed with the film. I think that it hit a lot of issues we are often to afraid to discuss. Also, with that it's led me to take a closer look at what God wants from us as wives and mothers. This has been a few months in the process, but I think that I'm finally getting my 'list' done. If anybody has anything that they've found tugs at their hearts from God, as a wife/mom, please share! I know that I'm more conservative than most, but I feel God is really calling me to walk as He planned for me to. There will be more on this later!