Sunday, August 28, 2011


Okay, so last weekend we spent some time priming the nursery. It was an UGLY pea green, so we wanted to paint it blue or something. This weekend we got it all painted. It is BLUE for sure! I love it. John already took a nap in there, he says that it's perfect sleeping color. The cats are most of why we had to paint so early, they're really old and freak out with change. We also got Levi's name on the wall and the crib set up. I am very excited. Now I feel like it's just a hurry up and wait until he gets here. We have another appointment on Wednesday, and we'll find out for sure about the kidney's. At this point, it still looks like only one. On another note, I do not think that Levi will be good at sitting still in church. Today during church he was great, until the sermon started. Then he started kicking me like crazy until it was over! Maybe everybody's right, I'll be getting payback for all of the antics I pulled in church as a kid. We're in trouble then!

I've been wanting potato soup so badly! I had some a week or so ago, and haven't stopped thinking about it! Tonight, John and I made it for dinner! It was wonderful! It hit the spot. It does make me anxious for fall though. I cannot wait for comfort food all the time. Any good recipes anybody has, please share them. We love crock-pot cooking during the winter. Last year our thing was Crock Pot and Beer Night on Fridays. We had some great (and not so great) inventions coming out of our crock pot! Well, hope that everybody survives the remainder of the summer.

Nursery pictures to come soon!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Letter to Levi- 25 Weeks

Dear Levi,

You have a name now :) Your dad picked Levi. He picked that because in Numbers God consecrates the Levites to be Aaron's helpers as the priests. One duty that they also acquired was being the church musicians. That is perfect for your dad. He is one of the most gifted musicians that I have ever met. I know that over the next few years he'll spend lots and lots of time playing and singing for you.
You are getting so big. I can feel more of your kicks and rolls. Last time the doctor saw you on the sonogram, she had to comment on how big your feet were! Chances are, you'll be tall like your dad. That's good. His height was one of the first things that I noticed about him.
We only have about 15 more weeks like this. Where I get to spend most of my day feeling you kick and roll. I'm going to miss that. I like knowing that you're all safe and sound in my tummy. I cannot wait to meet you though. Your dad is getting excited too. Hopefully this weekend we'll start getting your room all ready for you. I want it to be perfect when you come home.

I love you.


One Big Foot :)

Little Levi