Tuesday, January 22, 2013

God sends us who we need...

Like Levi's physical therapist. She has been an amazing person that not only shows love and kindness to Levi, but also to me. Unfortunately, that's not always the case with people that we come in contact with in the healthcare profession. I feel so blessed that she is not only a mom that has experience with an ill child, but a woman of faith that reminds me how blessed I am. I hope that one day I express that much love and kindness when sharing our story with other people.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Jackson's Mama...

Another Kidney Mom posted this about 18 months ago when her son was only 3 months old. This is a very accurate description as to what it's like having a sick baby. Want to read more by her? Jenn blogs over at the J's.

So we were looking back at pictures of Jackson tonight and it kind of hit me...
having a sick kid is really quite terrifying!!!
You double guess everything...
You think that any change in personality is a "problem"...

You hear things...

like about a 3 year old hearing for the first time

and you feel grateful that he has heard my voice and my HORRIBLE singing all this time

and  you hear about a 4 month old going home for the first time after abd surgery
but will live (God-willing without any difficulty)...

and you think..

is he REALLY that sick...
but YES...
he IS that sick and
yes, he DOES need you to be paranoid
and YES he does need extra special care
and you realize...

my life is not like yours...
my kid is NOT like yours...

I AM his eyes,
his ears,
his mouth,
 his voice,
 his changes,
 his spokesman,
 his survival...


I did NOT ask for this,
I do NOT want this,

but this is what I am...
it is more than I thought I could be,
it is more than I wanted to be...

I am lucky enough to hold this position
and I am grateful...
God has led me through the past years to gain knowledge through my work,
to marry a man who speaks his mind
and to learn how to speak up...


and I LOVE every  minute of it!!!

Exactly. That is my life. 
Levi 2 days old in the NICU at Children's Mercy. See how tiny his legs are next to John's fingers?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas, December, and 2013

Sidekick had his first Christmas this year, and he LOVED it! He was so excited that we got him so much wrapping paper!

Daddy and Levi opening presents

Mama and Levi

Playing Piano with Daddy

Hanging out with some of our cousins!

I got to see Scout! Can you believe we're only 8 months apart?

Driving Grandpa's Tractor with Daddy

Practicing my walking and talking

Worn out from all of these baby adventures!

We had a really great Christmas and a fun New Year! Our whole family is so blessed by everyone that helped us get through this last year, it was a tough one! We're excited to see what God has in store for us in 2013, hoping that this is the year for transplant!