Thursday, April 28, 2011


My sister's got me baby presents! They got me a lot of really useful stuff, and then also some fun stuff! Since we don't know what we're having yet, one sister got me a bag of boy clothes and one a bag of girl clothes. These were my favorite items, the girls know what's important!

I never thought that I'd be one to get excited over baby stuff, yet here it is, happening to me too!

***Wear pink tomorrow in memory of Maddie, it's Spring for SIDS day***

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Wrap Up and A Day Off!

Tomorrow! I have a day off! I used to get a day off every other week, because I would work Saturdays. Lately I haven't had to work many Saturdays so I haven't had days off. I miss my days off but I also have been enjoying my Saturdays. Tomorrow I have a day off for the first time in weeks. I feel as though it is much needed. With John working during the day I'll hopefully get more accomplished tomorrow than I would if I had John to hang out with all day! I don't want to set unreal expectations for tomorrow, but I know that I need to set some goals nonetheless. I'm hoping to get the kitchen mostly cleaned, our bedroom vacuumed and shampoo the carpets, clean both bathrooms and finish laundry. That shouldn't take too long. I also need to go on a walk or workout or something, and hopefully I'll get some research on baby stuff done as well. I know that before I've mentioned that I had a cousin who's 4 month old died from SIDS, I want to know more. I want to try to understand this terrible disease. I like to know as much information about something as possible, and I feel like maybe, if I know more, I can prevent it from happening. I know that's not true, but I figure that it's worth a shot. My cousin, Kellie, blogs almost daily about her and her husband, James' struggle to find "a new normal". I think each time that I read it I cry. No parent should have to go through this. I know that I need to learn more about SIDS, especially as an expectant parent, but I wish that it wasn't through the hard lesson from my family. Please, when you have time, pray for Kellie and James this week. They're in a really tough spot that only God can see them through.

On another note, this past weekend John and I went to Oklahoma to celebrate Easter with his family. We had such a good time! Mary went down with us on Friday night and on Saturday Mary, my SIL, Allison and I went to Stillwater to go shopping. It was nice to get to hang out with both of them at once! I have a lot of fun with Allison and Mary and was glad that they finally got to meet. I also got to just hang out and talk with my other SIL Kassi. She's one of the only people that understands some of the struggles that I face in my life. I am so thankful that God put her and Allison in my life to help me through tough times. They have both been very helpful on this baby stuff, and many other things! This weekend was a busy one! On Sunday (Easter) my goddaughter, Scout was baptized! I love baptisms, always have. This one was different because It was MY goddaughter. I got to hold her as she was being baptized and WOW. That was amazing. I also got to just hold her and be with her during church and it was such a great feeling to just hang out with her and feel her breathe. It was one of the most peaceful things that I've ever felt. And, she's beautiful. I lover her SO much already and it made me a little less nervous for this little guy (or girl) growing inside of me!

* Kellie and James
* Healthy pregnancy
* Good weather and a safe OKC Marathon this weekend
* Safe travels for Mary this weekend as she moves up here
* Couples who are getting married this summer

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

8 and good!

We're right around 8 weeks now, give or take a few days, and doing great! The only thing that we're having problems with is food staying in my stomach! I dislike that part, but figure that I can handle it for another 4 or so weeks. I feel kind of useless at this point. I don't really have anything that I can be doing for this little baby right now. All I do is hang out and let it grow! I feel like I should be planning more, or doing something. People keep asking me if I've bought anything yet. Well, no. What should I be buying? Any advice from all you moms would be great!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3rd Monday in a Row...

Today was the third Monday in a row. Is one not enough anymore?!?!?!? It was such a long day, at home and at work.
Day starts with cat waking me up at 4:45 when John gets up, mind you, I don't have to be up until 8:45.
Get back to sleep, get up, feeling sick, get ready for work, force down breakfast, still feeling sick.
Have someone tell me to quit focusing on my kid that's coming and focus on my career, that's what's really important.
Take a deep breath and get into work.
Still feeling sick.
Work through the morning, have a 20 minute meeting with one of my bosses about how I've been distracted lately and I need to focus, and everything will be okay.
Get to lunch.
Call my sister just to vent, and instead get yelled at for something out of the blue.
Get a nasty email from my other sister.
Eat lunch
Get sick.
Call first sister again, still upset.
Get another nasty email
Get sick
Go back to work.
Work through the afternoon, until I find a kid that I'm suspecting for check fraud. Turns out it was over $1000 of check fraud in 3 days. Call person checks were stolen from and inform them. Call the police. File police report, talk to cop for over an hour.
Get commended for finding the checks. Get written up for being over my threshold of cash differences for March.
Get sick.
Finish afternoon and start closing, go to put away coin, everything is wrong. Spend 45 minutes trying to figure it out before deciding that this isn't my problem and I'm going home.
Go get nails done.
Go to church
See John
Get sick
Eat dinner
Watch TV
Get sick
Get ANOTHER nasty email.
Get sick.
Going to bed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Eskimo

Today we got our first picture of our little baby!

It was very exciting! I could see it's heartbeat, and how it was just all tucked in and cozy in there. John was not able to go, due to work, but he was so excited to see it when I got home! It made me feel a lot better seeing the heartbeat and knowing that it was strong, knowing that the baby was safe. I'm so glad that God has blessed us with this baby. For a couple who didn't think they were going to have kids, this is huge. Also, there's only one :-) There was concern for a while that there may have been more than one, so just one is good. I am so nervous and excited! As of now, due date is December 4. Pushed it back a few days, but that's okay. I'm still going to shoot for November 29 :). John has decided that right now the ultrasounds look like Eskimo's with the baby being the face, so he's been calling it "Eskimo" all day long. I think it's stuck. I like the idea of it being all tucked in there though. Also good news, blood sugar levels have stabilized, so that's a huge blessing right now. Very excited, and I will try to keep people updated on the adventures of Baby Eskimo.