Meet the Family

I used this picture of myself for two reasons, first, so that you could see Levi. This was Levi the day we brought him home from the hospital (the first time). He weighed about 4lbs 6oz, and he was TINY. If you look at his more recent pictures, you can see how far he's come in just a short amount of time. The second reason is because around our home, this is how I can usually be found. T-shirt, jeans, boots, and Levi. I am rarely without him. I love being a Jesus girl. Simple as that. My family is a huge part of that. God has blessed me with them. There are days that I wonder why He put me on this path, then I look around and realize that it's because of God shaping me with this family. I started writing this blog years ago, because everyone had a blog! Then, after our oldest son, Levi, was born, it took a different turn. I knew that I had to start writing to encourage other moms and wives. Many of us are dealing with chronically ill family members and often feel like nobody understands. I do. I know what it's like to be the mom that wonders if your kid is going to pull through this time. What it's like to be told that your baby has contracted an illness that usually kills adults. To sit there, with nothing left, and have to ask how long your child has. I've been the wife that has nothing left for her husband, because she's so drained after sitting in a hospital for a month straight. And I know that in those darkest moments, it's the grace and love of Jesus Christ that has pulled me from the pits and refilled my soul. That's why I'm blogging.

This is usually how John can be found. We live in an old house, and so he's constantly working on a project. When he's on a hiatus from our house projects, he's usually serving God by helping somewhere else. He's happiest with a table saw and a something that needs to be fixed. He truly believes that if you're going to change the world, you have to start with the world around you. Although we've been through it all together, John's journey with our son is quite different. Levi and John are two peas in a pod. They are happiest on Friday afternoons when John has the afternoon off, and they just hang out. Taking naps, playing piano, and telling secrets about Mama. John and I met our first day of college, and God has taken us on quite a journey since! John and I were married in March of 2010. John loves God, music, the outdoors, and family time. He is a skilled pianist, song writer, and worship leader. He's the choir director at our church and works a full time job, he also does maintenance at a daycare center. John blogs over at This Old Carson House, and he can sometimes be caught blogging on here. John is amazing man of God and I am so lucky to have him as my husband and partner.

Levi is our baby boy. He is named Levi because in the Old Testament, the Levites are the church musicians. 1 Chronicles 15:16 Levi was born with one kidney, and it's not going to last. He has a slew of other health problems, and we have to be vigilant in watching him. Levi is a happy, rambunctious baby. He can't walk yet, so he crawls all around the house to get what he wants. He's never met a stranger, and his soul brings peace and joy to everyone. Levi is an answer to our prayers.