Sunday, February 17, 2013

Surgery Tomorrow

Tomorrow is surgery day for Levi! He has his hypospadias repair (fixing his boy parts). They have scheduled 4 hours for this surgery, which makes me a little nervous. Luckily, we will be at CMH, and they do a great job with everything! Another bonus is that John will be there as well, so we can all rest easier. It makes the entire surgery process much calmer for everyone when John and I can switch off sitting in the waiting room. For most of the time we'll both be in there, but CMH has a rule that you must have at least one parent in there at all times. So, if you're the only parent there, it can be a long four hours. We're leaving tonight and hopefully staying at the Ronald McDonald house. The nice thing about staying there is that we don't have to worry about being out by a certain time. Another bonus about this surgery is the peace that I feel. I've been praying for days (okay, weeks) that God would give me peace about this surgery. This one has been bothering me, and I'm not quite sure why. But, after spending a lot of time in prayer and listening to more Jesus tunes than normal, I do feel His peace.

Past surgery coming up, we're having a few new experiences, Levi got an upper respiratory infection that has to be cleared up by tomorrow morning! So we've been doing breathing treatments three times a day. Levi has gotten used to them, because we let him watch Shaun the Sheep while he's doing them. Although Levi does still seem to think that it's fun to pull the mask off and then laugh only to put the mask back on.

John and Levi doing a breathing treatment

One thing that we're finding that is odd about Levi is that when you judge his age by his size, he's only about 6 months old. When you judge his age by his gross motor skills, he's about 10 months old. When you judge him by how ornery he his, he's definitely 15 months old!
See what I mean?
We also celebrated Valentine's Day this week. We don't usually do much, John got his usual gift of a card, candy and shotgun shells. He was happy. I got flowers, ITunes gift cards and we all went out to dinner. I would say great day!

Happy Flowers

Anyways, I think that Levi's starting to stir for the morning, so I'd better go grab breakfast while I still can! Thanks for the extra prayers tomorrow, they mean so much to us!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Levi's favorite times of day are when all three of us are just hanging out together. We don't even have to be doing anything. He just likes it when he can be laying on Daddy and touching Mama's arm at the same time. Those times, where he's so content with so little, remind me that I have everything I could ever want.

God has blessed John and I with this son. We need to protect him, advocate for him, love him, and teach him the ways of the Lord.


Here are some of our newest and favorite pictures from this January/February! I LOVE how big Levi looks! Hope things are going as good for you as they are for us!

Levi playing in his room, he's suddenly decided that he actually does like it in there!
Sunday family pictures. We all did the same face on this one :)
Levi Rocking out in his high chair
John, really excited that OSU beat KU
Levi and Eisley playing outside together, IN JANUARY!

Levi trying to find more fries in the box. He likes to chew on them.