Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy Bees...

Things have been quite busy lately! It's nuts. Since the last time that I posted a lot has happened. I got sick and it was difficult to do anything. Work was especially painful. It turned out that I could not work due to the pain and sickness. After days of bloodwork and scans, I found out that I had an inflammed small intestine and my small intestine doesn't take anything that my stomach puts into it. I don't like it at all. We prayed and looked at everything, and in the end it turned out to be a better plan for us if I didn't work. I'm now looking for a part time job, something that I can do while also going to school 15 hours a week.

I got the opportunity to go home over Halloween weekend. It was so nice to see my family! I miss them a lot being up here. We got some time to just hang out and do family stuff. Dad took us out to dinner one night and it was wonderful! Dad and I also got a changce to talk about some wedding stuff, and to hang out with just us, I really enjoyed that.

Coming home was nice as well. I miss John and Miss Bee when I'm gone. The animals around John's house are getting cabin fever, I fear. Stubby went outside yesterday for the first time and he was quite excited, I think. He was a bit fearful at first. As he was walking down the back steps he would take a step and meow, take a step, meow. He's a good cat. Here are some pictures of the animals, Bee is the dog, Stubby is the cat.

Bee waiting patiently for a treat. I snuck a picture in instead!

Stubby looking out the window in the kitchen

Stubby outside for the first time!
Hope that you enjoyed the pictures of the animals. More pictures and posts soon. Have a great week!