Monday, April 23, 2012

the rules.

Sometimes I feel so lost. I feel as though I'm stuck in the middle of a game people play, problem is, I don't know the rules. Then it dawns on me, yes I do! God has given me all of the rules that I need to play this "game". Other people are the ones that choose to change the rules. God has chosen me, He has blessed me with a heart that wears heavy when I know that I've broken a rule. I used to see it as a curse, I was constantly feeling guilty! But now I know that God trusts in me enough to know that I can play by His rules and have the biggest rewards possible. Once I think about it that way, I don't feel quite so lost anymore.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Real Diaper Week- Day 3

Here's yesterday's post this morning. I'll try to do today's post this afternoon.

Today we're discussing the cost of cloth diapering. Cloth diapering has saved us a TON of money. Now, we are a "hybrid" family. This means that we use disposables sometime. Levi is just over 5 months old, and to date, we've spent about $30 on disposable diapers. That's what most people spend in a week. We use disposables sometimes at daycare, and sometimes at night. A friend gave us all of her prefold diapers and a few covers. This was easily worth $60, if it would have been new. Buying used, and getting things from friends is the easiest way to spend less, but get more! I have purchased some cloth on my own, about $60 worth, this equated to 20 new diapers. I now have more than enough for Levi and will be able to use most of it with baby number 2, if we ever get to that point. Cloth diapering can save you thousands of dollars over the first two years of your kids life. I'll take an extra load of laundry every few days for that!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Real Diaper Week- Day 1

Many of you have read some of my posts about cloth diapers. This week, leading up to Earth Day is "Real Diaper Week". There's also a blog hop being sponsored by The Eco Chic. Today's topic for the blog hop is Outreach.

As a product of Generation X, we have many standards that we try to live up to. Even when it comes to our kids. One of the things that everyone expects our generation to do is to figure out how to make everything simpler. A lot of modern moms figure that this means disposable diapers. But, cloth diapers are so easy! Any mom who has kids in cloth knows that. One of the toughest questions, how do we convince everyone else of that?

Simple. We share the benefits with anyone who will listen. You tell co-workers, family, friends, nurses at the doctors office, people at church, and leave a note for the mailman if you have to! I'm constantly telling people how much we love our cloth diapers. They're cute, eco-friendly, a huge price break and WAY better for my baby. I let my kid go without pants when the weather's nice to show off his diapers. When he's in the daycare at my work, I'll go change his diaper in order to keep him in cloth. We're willing to make tons of sacrifices for our kids, don't you think that it's time we start telling other parents about the benefits of cloth? Being a cloth diapering mama doesn't automatically make you a hippie, trust me, I'm still working on figuring out how to recycle!

Any questions on cloth diapering? Let me know! They're easy, cheap, and you have tons of options!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend and Levi Update

We've had such a busy, good time lately! Levi and I are finally starting to get onto a schedule, or so it seems. Bedtime has been around 8pm usually. He just can't seem to get to sleep much earlier than that. Last night he slept from 8pm-5:50am. Then I had to get him up at 7:30 to head to work. He seemed to do pretty good that way. We've also starting working food into his diet. He's had apples, pears, peas and green beans.
This was earlier today, eating peas. I guess he figured we weren't feeding him fast enough, because he grabbed the spoon and started shoving it in his mouth. He seemed to really enjoy the peas.

We had a great Easter weekend. We had great weather. I feel like we've finally started spring.We didn't really do too much. We had church Sunday morning. We made chicken enchiladas for dinner. They were yummy! Levi had the cutest outfit! He looked like a little man. Here's our family picture from Easter morning.

The weekend before Levi got baptized! We had a lot of family in town. It was so great to see everyone. He did great during the service. He seemed to love having all of the different people around. It was neat to see how everyone interacted with Levi. John and I feel like Levi's baptism was long overdue. Levi has been through so much already, and through a lot of it, the only explanation is that God healed his body. So now, Levi has been publicly declared God's. We are also very lucky that we have the support from our friends and family to raise Levi to become a man of God. His Godparents are Jess and Brandon and Adam and Kelsey. I know that they will do a great job helping us teach Levi to become that man. I am very thankful for them.