Monday, April 16, 2012

Real Diaper Week- Day 1

Many of you have read some of my posts about cloth diapers. This week, leading up to Earth Day is "Real Diaper Week". There's also a blog hop being sponsored by The Eco Chic. Today's topic for the blog hop is Outreach.

As a product of Generation X, we have many standards that we try to live up to. Even when it comes to our kids. One of the things that everyone expects our generation to do is to figure out how to make everything simpler. A lot of modern moms figure that this means disposable diapers. But, cloth diapers are so easy! Any mom who has kids in cloth knows that. One of the toughest questions, how do we convince everyone else of that?

Simple. We share the benefits with anyone who will listen. You tell co-workers, family, friends, nurses at the doctors office, people at church, and leave a note for the mailman if you have to! I'm constantly telling people how much we love our cloth diapers. They're cute, eco-friendly, a huge price break and WAY better for my baby. I let my kid go without pants when the weather's nice to show off his diapers. When he's in the daycare at my work, I'll go change his diaper in order to keep him in cloth. We're willing to make tons of sacrifices for our kids, don't you think that it's time we start telling other parents about the benefits of cloth? Being a cloth diapering mama doesn't automatically make you a hippie, trust me, I'm still working on figuring out how to recycle!

Any questions on cloth diapering? Let me know! They're easy, cheap, and you have tons of options!

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