Sunday, August 8, 2010

Painting Mess

It has been a busy time for us! We have recently acquired a new member of our family, my sister Elizabeth! She is going to live with us for the next year or so. This has proven to be challenging and fun. It's odd trying to find that balance between being her sister, friend, and parent. We spent a good chunk of the past month with a family from our church living in one of our apartments upstairs. They were having most of their home remolded, so we let them stay with us during that time. It was nice to have people up there using the space again. It's odd, when we bought the house we prayed that God would give us the family to feed, the laughter to fill it, and a welcoming atmosphere to do His work in our home. We had an idea of what we wanted it to be, but God has once again proven that His ideas are bigger than our own. I never would have imagined that we could have helped people while getting their houses done, or that my sister would live with us. We had ideas of children, and family dinners. I'm loving what He has chosen to do with our space!

We've also been working on doing some projects around the house. Since Adam moved out earlier this summer we had turned his room into a storage/hobby room. Then Elizabeth decided that she wanted to live in that room, so we ended up converting and repainting it. Here are some pictures of the room now!

Our other project these past few weeks has been the kitchen. Thanks to my wonderful husband, this is actually happening much faster than I had expected! We picked a historic paint color, one that is found in and on buildings as old as our home, and used that for the kitchen. John has been in the process of refinishing all of the woodwork so that it contrasts and matches our style. Here are a few pictures of the kitchen, I'll try to get better ones up as soon as it is finished.

It's very nice to see that our home is finally coming together to suit us! I love seeing the work that we put into it. Our prayer for our home is this, that God will use the space as "safe space" for our friends and family in need, that He will find a way to do ministry within and from within our home, that He would bless the people who enter in, and provide us all with peace.

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  1. Kitchen's looking good!! Can't wait to see it for real! AND...can't wait to see you on Thursday!! Miss you! (This is actually Kelsey...can't figure out how to make it say my name)