Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sometimes, life gives us lemonade right off the bat. Right now, our house is crazy! This past week we lost a pet, a baby kitten that we had found in our yard. It was a sad loss, but we've all recovered. On June 5, we got to be a part of our two best friends wedding, Kelsey and Adam! It was a wonderful celebration, and, all in all, a great weekend.

The whole wedding party!
From L to R- Dan, me, Michael, Trina, Adam, Kelsey, Matthew, Emily, John, Bengy, and Aaron. The kids are Micah and Maddie.

For throwing together nine gal's and guys that have never all been in the same room before, most of whom had never met before, we had a great time! The night of the wedding 8 of us went to the park in our dresses and tuxes. It was great! Then 7 of us had a campfire and slept out in the tent at Benny and Jolene's. It was so nice to not have to worry about anything, just enjoy time with friends and family.

On the flip side, John lost his job last week. It's a bit nerve racking to look at all of the bills and hope that my paycheck covers them all. Right now it's comforting to know that God will take care of everything. The hard part is keeping that trust there, even when things are looking dim. We did get some exciting news this week, it looks like it's a strong possibility that my sister, Elizabeth, will be coming to live with us next year! The best part is, that it's all for good reasons. She's a senior in HS next year and I hope that she does get to live with us! Oh, how wonderful that would be. She's such a neat kid and I would love getting the time with her, even if it's only a year. I know that some people are curious as to why two newlyweds would take in a HS kid within their first year of marriage, but I promise that there is a method to our madness! When John and I first talked about buying a home a little over a year ago we set out "qualifications" for our house. We knew that we wanted something that was close to the church, had a big yard, windows in the kitchen, was old, something that needed to be fixed up, and something that had lots of spare rooms. You see, we knew that if we had the extra space, God would find a way to fill it. As always, God has provided! When John first got the house he had two roommates and we were able to rent an apartment to a girl who was in a bad situation. Then we were able to provide a comfortable home to Adam until his marriage. What we also knew was that we wanted family here within a year, in our minds that was (hopefully) a child, but I think that God has blessed us with my sister instead.

Overall, things are great. I couldn't have asked for more this week. We've had great time with friends and family, and seen the value of the love that God has given us for each other, and for Him. Sometimes it's crazy to look at everything and know that for some reason, God has decided that we deserve all of this. I guess that's why we were made to praise!

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