Sunday, August 22, 2010

August Work Weekend

This weekend was our August Work Weekend with John's parents. They came up from Oklahoma to help us get some things done on the house. We had a "small" list of goals that we had for the weekend. My biggest goal was that I wanted to get our bedroom painted. When we first moved into the house our bedroom was a terrible pepto-pink color. One of the walls had tissue paper put on it before it was painted. Well, Jayn (my MIL) decided that if we were going to be re-painting, we should just do the re-decorating as well! It looks AMAZING! Here are some pictures of the during and after result of our bedroom.

And the finished project...

We even got some organization done! It is perfect. It's much better than anything that we could have imagined.

As you can see, no longer pepto-pink! It is our own personal retreat from everything!

John's big goal was to get some electrical work done out in the barn. Doug (my FIL) and John worked so hard and got everything done out in the barn, plus a bunch in the house as well. Things work now! It's wonderful! They also built an enclosure for our dogs in the barn. This will be great for the winter! It's complete with outlets and lights.

I am so grateful for their help and support of this project, our house is looking better every time they come up, and our wine selection appreciates it too!

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