Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Talking to Adults

After talking with another Kidney Mama last night, I realized something, we all LOVE talking to adults! What's even better, talking to adults who understand what you're saying. Many times when I start a conversation with another adult, they can catch everything up until they ask the dreaded question, "How's Levi doing?". I'm glad that you asked, really I am. The problem is, I can't tell you the truth. If I could put it into terminology that you'd understand, without making his case sound like a disaster, I would. If I could tell you things about my son, without you feeling bad for him, and tell you how bad things are in a way that you'd see the same amount of hope that we see, I would. But, I can't. Because of this, many days the nurse at Levi's doctors are my best friends. When they ask, "How's Levi doing?" and I give them the grim outlook, they still see the hope and get excited with me because he's gained 1.5oz in two weeks, she is always genuinely excited. She's also not afraid to tell me that sometimes, it's just not enough. I'll tell you, I cannot wait for the next "phone date" that I get with the Kidney Mom that I talked with last night. After knowing this, I also want people to realize how important is is to keep asking us how Levi's doing. Even if you don't understand a word that comes out of my mouth, I need you to ask. I need you to pretend like you know exactly what I'm talking about. That's how I'll get through this. A lot of prayer, friends and support.

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