Saturday, September 15, 2012

10 Months

Yesterday Levi was 10 months old! It's been a busy ten months! My sister, Mary is back from South Korea. We're all thankful for that. We love it when she's home. I got to see a few "old" friends this past month. Both of them were from my college sorority days! I am so blessed to still have them around and in my life. Tonight, John and I get to go on a date! WOOO HOOO!! Levi is going to Parent's Night Out at the YMCA. Levi is very close to crawling! I can't believe it. He knows the basic concept, but has a bit of trouble getting all of his limbs to work together and support his weight the whole time. I know that he'll have it in no time! I found a group on facebook that's all Kidney Moms, and i am SO glad to have them. They know what we're going through! Not much to report on the Kidney front here. Hopefully we'll have some good news in two weeks for his appointment. I also will (hopefully) have an exciting blog coming up on Monday night or Tuesday. I can't share all of the details yet, but I will soon.

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