Saturday, August 18, 2012

9 Months/Kidney Disease/Training Buddy

I'm going to try to make this post quick!

Levi was 9 months on Tuesday!!!! I can't believe it! I'm totally that mom that's thinking "It seems like yesterday...". I'll get the 9 month photo up ASAP. Stats will also go up on Monday, that's our follow up appointment for the feeding tube.

I had no idea how bad kidney diseases were in our country before Levi had them. I don't know if that's naive of me, or if it's just something that's hard to diagnose, therefore hard to publicize? March is Kidney Disease Awareness Month, and I'm thinking of something BIG! I'd like to get other kidney mama's involved. I would also like to start devoting more posts to kidney disease awareness.

I keep putting off starting to run again. I tell myself things like; no time, it's too hot, I don't have a training buddy, God didn't create me to run, why should I run? Well, this week God whacked me in the face with answers to my excuses! The weather has gotten beautiful! We're up every morning kind of early, so we'd have time to jog outside, also, I have a FREE gym membership. Duh. As for a training buddy, I have Levi. Jogging with him in the stroller is good for him too. He loves it! So, I'm going to start Couch to 5K again. Also, God may not have built me like a runner, but He gave me a son whom may require one of my kidneys one day, and I need to be healthy enough to give it to him.

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