Thursday, July 19, 2012

Must Reads...

A few years ago my mom bought me a series of "cozy mysteries" for Christmas. The only reason she bought them for me, because they were set in Kansas. For some reason, I did the exact opposite of what I usually do, and I tucked them away on a bookshelf and I never read them. A year and a half later, I was on bedrest with Levi, and desperate for something new to read. So, I pulled them off the shelf. In four days I had read the four books in the "Cozy in Kansas" series. Somehow, God knew that I needed to tuck those books away for a rainy day, He knew that when I pulled those books off the shelf, I would find exactly what He was planning on teaching me, when I needed to learn it. You see, Nancy Mehl's books aren't just filled with a fun plot, cute romance, and captivating characters, they're something extra. Mehl incorporates her faith into each and every book that she writes. She puts in scriptures, prayers, and pulls you into the faith life of her characters. By doing this she reveals more about herself than most authors. She shares her love for the Lord and His plan for us in each and every book.

In her most recent book, Inescapable, she tells a story about a young woman, Lizzie, that has left the Mennonite faith, her family, and her hometown. Through a turn of events, Lizzie and her daughter, Charity, end up running back to the very place that Lizzie ran from, her hometown. As you read about their adjustment back into the small, conservative Mennonite town, you connect with the characters and fall in love with small town Kansas. As a young woman reading this book, I could see some of my own struggles and desires as a parent and a wife shine through. Mehl takes these struggles and turns them into triumphs, leaving you feeling refreshed and thankful for all God has blessed you with. Mehl has once again, brought forth her faith and love for others in this book. The worst news about this book, the next in the series isn't out yet!

Each time I'm done reading one of her books, I'm filled with a new sense of God's love for me, and I'm reminded of the true, Godly romance that started my relationship with my husband. These books are for every woman, and they're not something you'll be ashamed to tell your mom that you read! So, check her out online, download any of her books to your Nook, and you won't be disappointed, I promise!

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