Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh, Mondays!

This was little man today. Finally. The past couple of Mondays have not been wonderful. Levi has been sick enough that I haven't gone into work. He keeps throwing up. His doctors tell me that once he gets his feeding tube, he should stop puking so much. Today I called wondering what we could give him until then, and they don't want to give him anything. They feel as though anything that we give him could hurt his kidney. So instead, I just have to deal with a baby that throws up a few times a day. Today was better than most days though. Today we actually made it to work. We were there for about three hours, and then he started puking on the nursery workers. This really is an improvement over the past few Mondays! We came home and Levi took a good nap, then we just took it easy, reading books and such the rest of the day. A part of me is so ready for this stinking feeding tube.

On another note, I found a quote today that I love! "Stop trying to find the discipline. Find the motivation that makes you WANT to WIN. Then you will work." ~Gloria Mayfield Banks. This really made me think. I keep trying to get into a workout routine, and I worry mostly about the discipline of getting into the routine and trying to get going. I rarely think about what motivates me. I'm starting to walk in the mornings with a friend. I know that it's not much, but it's more than what we are doing now. I say we, because Levi will have to be with me. I figure that if we can get into a routine of doing something, I'll start to figure out what motivates me, and I'll go from there. I'll try to keep you updated on what works!

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