Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Tomorrow is Levi's 2 week doctor's appointment, and I have to say, I am not looking forward to it. I HATE having a chronically ill kid. I hate the fact that tomorrow is the first appointment in a long line of appointments that will require ultrasounds, blood work, and painful things for my little man. I also hate that he grows slower than most other kids, so I'll get lectured about that, and that we're going to have to attempt to find a new formula for him because the one that we're on we can't get here in town. I know that God gave us Levi because He knows that we can handle everything, but right now I feel like a run-down mama, not an empowered one. I need prayers for tomorrow. I'll update his stats and such later this week. Also, I have a friend that was expecting her baby girl on Monday, and she's still not here. Pray that she comes on her own before the doctors have to serve her with an eviction notice (induction).

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  1. Hey! Let me know if there is ANYTHING you need while Levi is in the hospital! We're only about an hour away. Hang in there! Hopefully they will be able to bring up his levels soon and you all can go home!