Saturday, November 26, 2011

Birthday Week

Today officially started Birthday Week! We have 3 birthdays in my family in a week's time span. My dad is TODAY 11/26, my sister, Mary is 11/27 and I'm Monday 11/28. People always ask us if we mind sharing our birthdays, and truthfully, we don't! It's always been fun to celebrate together and enjoy the time with each other. Last year was hard because it was the first time that we weren't with each other. None of us were together. I was in Kansas, Dad was in Texas, and Mary was in Afghanistan. This year will be nice to have Mary here with me. Another very important birthday this week is my best friend, Kelsey! I know we fit together because she's in birthday week, too. I am so thankful for all of these people that have touched my lives and that I'm lucky enough to celebrate Birthday Week with! God has blessed me with so much this year, I cannot wait to see what this coming year has in store for us!

Also happening on Monday, Levi turns two weeks old! I can't believe that he's already been here that long! We had our one week check up last week and he's already back up to 4lbs 12oz. This week we both have appointments, I have one to check on my incision and Levi has his two week check up. I'm fairly certain that my appointment will be smooth sailing, I'm feeling great and the incision is looking good! Unfortunately, I think that little Levi will rarely have "just a check up". This week we're looking at a renal ultrasound, a hip ultrasound, and getting blood drawn for labs. They're look at his renal system to see if things are still looking okay there, his hips to see if they're out of place, and labs to check his creatine levels again. Please, pray for his renal system above all other things. If it looks like there is increased back-up due to the reflux, or if something looks enlarged, I fear that they may send us back to the hospital. With breech babies, sometimes their hips are popped out of the socket because of their legs being crossed and curled up for so long. If they find this on the hip ultrasound they'll have to pop them back into place. The blood work is hopefully going to find that all of his levels look good and we can go about our merry way. God has been so good to us, and I know that at some point we will have to face "scary" days again, but I pray that those days are not this week!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sarah!!! You got a great birthday present this year!
    I'll be thinking about you and Levi as you have your doctors appointments. I'm sending positive thoughts that you will get to take Levi home and relax!