Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Things About Bedrest...

I'm trying to remain positive! Here is my list of things that God has blessed me with during this time

*Time to do my hair and makeup (from a seated position) each day
*Catching up on TV series from forever ago
*Getting to read a lot of fun books, not school books!
*Getting to email my friends and family during the day
*Hanging out with Mary everyday
*Getting to feel Levi move around all day
*Being home when John gets home
*Enjoying the cooler weather, from the comfort of my couch in pj's and a hoodie :)
*Having time to focus on Him each and everyday
*Working on Mary Kay stuff
*Uploading old pictures
*Cleaning old files off of the computer
*taking pictures of my pets :)
*Not being stressed out/tired/annoyed with work stuff
and, most importantly...
*Levi is still inside my belly :)

See, it's not so bad!

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