Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's me, surprised?

Okay, so chances are if you're following me on this blog, you already know me, or at least, you should. I decided to create this blog because I was getting so tied up in everything, and working nights, it's sometimes hard to talk to everyone about what's going on. The goal of this blog is simple, keep people informed about the wedding details, record my thoughts of praise to Him, and post general happenings in my life. So here it goes...

  • My two best friends, Adam and Kels got engaged this past week! What a blessing! They are looking at a June wedding.
  • Adam and Kels asked John and I to be in their wedding! Knowing that people love you enough that they want you up there with them, now that's a cool feeling!
  • John and I set a final date and have things in motion. March 20, 2010, WEDDING TIME!
  • The weather has become beautiful and cool in the past few days, another huge blessing!
  • John is mostly moved into our new house
  • Working nights is difficult. I sometimes get frustrated because I feel like I don't have time for everyone around me
  • I start nursing school next month, please pray for me!

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