Saturday, January 9, 2010


That's how things feel right now. Just meh. This is probably a rant that is really me just preaching to the choir, but I'm not happy right now. Bills are piling up higher than our ceilings. People can't seem to figure out how to pay rent on time, which just throws us WAY off our budget. Also, the people that ordered MK stuff haven't paid either! I'm supposed to go home on Monday to see my seester before she gets deployed to Afghanistan. Now it's not looking like I'm going to be there near as long as I had thought because we'll hopefully be getting some more money in this week so we may be able to afford me going home. Plus, this wedding is getting to be SO expensive. With Mom and Dad paying for M to get all of her stuff done so that she can be deployed, they can't afford to help us out as much as they had planned. So now any and all of our extra money is going to the wedding, leaving us way broke. We have to go pay a photographer today so that we actually get one. Ugh. I'm just not very happy about all of this. John's working as hard as he can and trying to get things together for us, but poor guy, isn't 60 hours a week enough?!?!?!? Praying that God brings us through this, and that I can get home to my family soon.

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