Monday, March 3, 2014

Before I was Mom

Before I was Mom I KNEW things that my kids would and wouldn't do. We've all seen those crazy parents that let their kids get away with murder, and in turn, make those around them want to murder them. I knew that some of those things would be a waste of my breath, and some, I would stick to, no matter what. Boy was in for a surprise.

Before I was Mom...
  • I knew that my kids would always be well fed, they'd have enough and it'd be healthy.
  • I vowed that we would eat at home as often as possible
  • I knew that I'd find the perfect daycare provider so I wouldn't miss a beat at work
  • I promised myself that my kid would never get away with things, even in public
  • I promised to keep my house clean, and to pick up toys every night
  • I knew that I would never let my kids sleep in my bed
  • I was going to keep them on a schedule, they needed to fit into my life
  • I was still going to see all of my "pre-baby" friends
  • And most of all, I'd raise them to love the Lord.

Then I had a sick kid.

Now that I'm Mom of one perfect boy, and one baby girl on the way I've learned...
  • I'm lucky if my kid eats anything. Tonight a piece of cheese was a huge win
  • I'm thankful our town has more than one McDonald's, so I don't seem like I go to any one too often
  • Work wasn't worth it. Between doctor's appointments and Levi being sick, home is a good place to be
  • Levi totally climbed across a table at a meeting tonight. And I wasn't even mad. 
  • My house isn't clean. It never is. There are toys everywhere. But it's home.
  • After getting up 3 times before 4am the other day, Levi ended up in bed with me.
  • The only schedule we keep around here is Levi's feeding and medicine schedule.
  • I'm glad most of my friends are having babies right now, then they still want to hang out with me
  • We are raising our children to love the Lord. If there was anything I was going to get right, I'm glad this was it.

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