Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's only 11am?!?!?!?

It's already been one of those days. Today started out like any normal Sunday, John got up before the sun to go to church to practice, since he plays the service today. I got up around 8 (thanks for letting me sleep, Levi!) got showered, then did some stuff around the house. Once Levi got up we did his normal morning stuff, baths, playing, singing, etc. I put Levi down for his normal before church nap and kept piddling. Everything seems good so far, right? Now it begins. John called around 10:40 to make sure that we were coming to church and I confirmed that we were. I began to get Levi and I's stuff ready for church. I couldn't find my keys. Called John, he had no idea, kept searching. Pop past Levi's room and hear him playing. Nap did not happen. Get Levi out of bed and put him on the floor while I keep searching for missing keys. Head into Levi's room to see if keys got put in there and I hear Levi in the kitchen. Then I hear the dog's water, and no dog. Go into the kitchen and Levi is covered in water and is putting cat food into the dog water. Move Levi into another room and keep looking for keys. Finally find keys under John's shorts on the couch in the living room. Yay! Go to find Levi and he's back in the dog water. COVERED. We have to leave for church, decided that I would just change him right when we got there. As I'm putting him in his carseat he proceeds to poop, big, stinky poops. Gross. Go to start car and the car won't start. Try again, and it still won't start. Then the horn starts going off. Argh. Get the horn stopped and realize that the battery is way dead. Get baby boy inside and change him and he is covered in poops/blood. He's had a yeast infection because of the meds, and the poops mixed with that caused some open sores that started bleeding. Got that taken care of and got him in his crib and started a feed. I feel very done for the day. I've had to say some very big prayers that God will handle my emotions, thoughts and actions today. More so than other days. All of these things that happened were more or less out of my control. I know that there's a lesson in this somewhere. I'm just going to wait and see and hope that He shows me his plan. And I'm just sad that Levi's bum hurts. It breaks my heart to see Levi in pain.

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