Wednesday, May 16, 2012

6 months and hospital visit

Levi is 6 months old! I can't believe it. It doesn't seem like half of his first year is done already. His 6 month stats are Height: 23 inches Weight: 11lbs 5oz. He has now more than doubled his birth weight (woohoo!). He's into 3 month and some 6 month clothing. Levi seems to be tolerating cloth diapers better than disposables, and he is getting CURIOUS about everything! We are still so in love with him!

On the flip side of things, we're also back in the hospital. Monday night we ended up in the ER for 6 hours because he had a high fever. With Levi, it's never okay for him to have a fever, it's the first sign of a kidney infection. I really felt like he needed to be admitted, not just sitting in the ER. I figured he was dehydrated and hello, he's a KIDNEY FAILURE PATIENT! In a small toen like ours, unless you have a cancer patient or a gunshot victim, a few hours is the difference between kidney failure and kidney function for him. We finally saw a doctor and got the results of the UA back to find out that everything was clear, just a virus. Tuesday we were supposed to follow up with his pediatrician. She agreed that it was just a virus, but to keep a close eye on him. She also ran more blood work and urine samples. Everything still looked clear. I still felt like he was dehydrated and we need to admit him to get him hydrated, but we were sent home since he looked okay on paper. Last night, his fever hit 104 and he started having diarreha and eating less. Then, this morning, the fever was at 102, but he added vomiting to the list of symptoms. After my 3rd shirt for the day was soaked in puke, I called the doctor's office. Our regular doc was out, but we could see one of the other pediatricians. We went into the appointment knowing that we were probably headed to the hospital. We were right. Levi was admitted this afternoon for dehydration, fever, and possible bloodborne bacteria. Gross. Good thing is, we get to stay in town at the hospital here! Yay! Also, they got him started on some iv fluids, and now he's keeping pedialyte down! Tomorrow we're hopefully back on formula. Small victories are amazing!

Please keep squirt in your prayers and remember to LISTEN TO YOUR GUT FEELINGS!

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