Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet the Nephrologist

That was our plan for yesterday. We had our first appointment with Levi's permanent nephrologist. She was wonderful. She seemed to have a real interest in Levi. Yesterday was mostly a "meet and greet" appointment. Dr. Stuart was getting familiar with Levi in the flesh, learning about his habits and just giving him a brief physical. He did great. They also weighed him and had to take blood. We were very excited to find out that Levi now weighs 7lbs 11oz. Unlike our doctor at home, this doctor weighs him with his clothes on, so his actual weight could be a little bit lower than what we got yesterday. Dr. Stuart also cleared him to go to daycare, which will be great, so I can work more!

Here are some pictures of Levi from yesterday...

I can't believe how big he's gotten! He changes and amazes me each day!

On another note, yesterday one of our cats died. John's cat, Stubby, had gotten really bad the past few weeks. Here's a picture of him from Sunday morning.
It was time for him to go. He couldn't walk very well, was blind in both eyes, and was using the bathroom all over the house (yuck!). I think that we're going to stick with the two animals that we have for now. We don't want to get anymore animals until after we are completely finished with the house.

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