Friday, April 23, 2010

Sisters, Husbands, and Bills!

Sisters, husbands, and bills. What do all of these have in common? A lot, I promise! All three are very trying at times, but all three often offer a sense of accomplishment.

My sisters are two amazing girls! I love them both to pieces! They are very different in their own ways, and all three of us are complete opposites! At the same time though, we're all just alike. If you line us up next to each other you'd be astonished at how much we all resemble each other in even the way we stand. Most of all, I miss them a lot. It is so hard to be this far away from them all the time. Mary is practically unreachable, and EK is so busy that she can't get up here either.

For anybody who already has a husband, or is close to it, you know that they are the best, most beautiful, most trying gift that God can give us. My husband is a wonderful man, the best musician I know, quite handsome, and loves God. What more could I ask for? I couldn't ask for anything more than John as the rest of my life! Although, there are things that he does that I don't deal with very well. Many times I feel like he should be the one to change, but I know that if I pull myself closer to God then I will find the patience to deal with life as it comes to me.

Bills. Bills. Bills. Whenever two households are joined everyone rejoices. I think they forget to tell you the difficulties that will follow. Today as I was going through a box of things I found a stack of bills. Ones that I was unaware of. Thankfully, I realized that some of them were ones that belonged to people who don't live here. I also realized though that we need a more effective way to keep up with bills and cleaning. Then today I got a bill completely paid off! WooHoo! I had a little party in my chair for that one!

Anyways, prayers for patience and peace in our home and safety for my sisters.

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